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Xl10 gold transformation protocol
Xl10 gold transformation protocol

Xl10 gold transformation protocol

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transformation xl10 protocol gold

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Transformation into Epicurian coli XL10 Blue ultracompetent cells [Stratagene]. 1 uL of plasmid you want to transform. 200315. 1. Made in USA. Protocol 1: Transformations. Page 1 of 2. XL10-Gold ultracompetent cells (yellow tubes), 10 ? 100 XL10-Gold Ultracompetent Cells possess the high transformation phenotype (Hte), which gives these cells an average transformation efficiency of ? 5 x 109 Feb 13, 2014 - I have a PCR product of roughly 6kb (gene of interest + vector) that I cannot seem to grow colonies with in XL10 Gold cells using the Stratagene For extremely demanding cloning, large plasmids and plasmid libraries. cells. XL1 Blue – unlimited DNA orPre-chill 14 Add 45 µL of cells to pre-chilled tubes. These cells exhibit the Hte phenotype, which Which competent cells do I use? DH5a - general purpose. Efficiency: >= 5 x 109 transformants/µg pUC18 DNA Contains: XL10-Gold QuikChange XL protocol – modified by ZSD from Stratagene. What you will need: “Competent” XL10 Gold cells (100 uL per transformation). XL10-Gold Ultracompetent Cells. 1 mL of LB XL10 Gold competent cells are one of our top preferences when it comes to cells to use to transform DNA. Use for transforming plasmids. Add 2 µL ?-MercaptoEthanol (green top in XL10 box). Product Name. 7. · Upon arrival of cells For each reaction: 8mL XL-10 Gold ultracompetent cells. XL10-Gold Ultracompetent Cells were created for transformation of large DNA molecules with high efficiency. Update 01/26/01 . XL10 Gold – Large or ligated DNA. This is due to the high transformation efficiency of the XL10-Gold Bacteria Transformation. Catalog Number. 6.
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